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October to December 2019

Vedashri Tapovan

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Maharshi Vedavyas Pratishthan: In the service of the holy vedas, sponsoring vedic studies through 30 plus vedic schools and encouraging traditional vedic scholars...Know more
Geeta Parivar: Shaping the future India through inculcation of values, imparting value education to more than a lakh students through fifteen states of India...Know more
Sant Sri Dnyaneshwar Gurukul: Spreading the spiritual message of the Saints of India to the masses and guiding the seekers to live Geeta through annual spiritual retreat...Know more
Sri Krishna Seva Nidhi: Providing medical and educational support to the deserving in need, cow caring and rendering humanitarian services anywhere required...Know more
Upcoming Event
27 June 2020
Geeta Sadhana Shivir - Vanprasthashram, Rishikesh (Uttarakhand)
05 July 2020
Guru Pournima / Vyas Puja - Alandi, Pune
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#Corona स्वामी गोविंद गिरि जी माहाराज सुदर्शन न्यूज पर लाईव स्वामी जी राम मंदिर ट्रस्ट के ट्रस्टी है
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