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  About Swamiji

His Holiness Swami Govind Dev Giri

  • HH Acharyashri, actually, is well-known not only in India but also in distant foreign countries thanks to his spellbinding discourses on Srimad Bhagavat, Ramayan, Mahabharat and other ancient, holy books of spiritual sciences. However, this is not all that can describe completely his multi-dimensional and inspiring personality. Hence this effort is to briefly introduce him.
  • HH Swami Govind Dev Giri (Kishor Madangopal Vyas) was born in 1949 in a pious, Brahmin family that was settled down in Belapur, a small village in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra.
  • He inherited the legacy of study of ancient spiritual sciences, devotion and committed religiosity from his parents through a long family tradition.
  • After completing primary education in his native village, he joined Tatvadnyan Vidyapeeth founded by HH Pandurang Shastri Aathavale, who launched revolutionary socio-religious movement called Swadhyaya.
  • Under Pandurang Shastri’s attentive guidance and with his kind blessings young Swami Govind Dev Giri (Kishorji) earned the B.A. degree in philosophy.
  • Later on, he went to Varanasi, the spiritual capital of India, for further studies and accomplished the coveted degree of ‘Darshanacharya’. While studying in Varanasi, he was fortunate to receive guidance from none other than renowned Vedic scholar, vedamoorti Dr. Vishwanathji Dev.
  • Furthering the 120 years old family tradition, he first rendered a religious discourse on Srimad Bhagavat in his own native village. At that time, he was barely 17.
  • After completing his studies, he has been giving discourses since then for the last 30 years on Srimad Bhagavat, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Dnyaneshwari, Dasbodh, Yoga Vasishtha and other precious and ancient books of spiritual literature that form the foundation of Indian culture.
  • His discourses are held continuously not only in India but also in several foreign countries including Nepal, Canada, United States, Great Britain etc.
  • Impressed by his enchanting and captivating elocution, Late Thakur Jaidev Singh had showered laurels on him while Paramacharya (head-priest) of Kanchi Kamakoti Peeth blessed him with a remark that he would be the spiritual successor of HH late Dongareji Maharaj.
  • Inspired by the life of Swami Vivekananda, Acharyashri sees himself as a strong spokesman of this nation, its culture and religion and a sentinel and guardian of a person’s spiritual emancipation. Devotion to God as well as love for human beings is the source of energy for his relentlessly carried out Karmayoga (dutiful deeds).
  • He is the closest initiated disciple of HH Shankaracharya of Kanchi Kamkoti Peeth. Since he is a committed celibate, he does not have his own family.
  • Donations and endowments received during programmes of his discourses are spent for the benefit of the society through the medium of various undertakings and institutions that he had founded.
  • HH Swami Govind Dev Giri (Acharya Kishorji Vyas receives initiation of ‘Paramhansa Sanyas’ 
  • (Renouncement of the highest spiritual order) at the auspicious hands of HH Swami Satyamitrananda Giriji at the holy place of Haridwar on the banks of river Ganga on Sunday, April 30, 2006. Following his Sanyas initiation he adorned a new name, Shri Govind Dev Giriji Maharaj. This initiation ceremony was held with the blessings of HH Shri Jayendra Saraswatiji, the chief of Kanchi Kamkoti Peeth.

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