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Award : Maharshi Ved Vyas Award

  • Teachings of Vedas is a priceless treasure of Bharat i.e. India. Veda is the chief source of Indian culture as well as the foundation of universal brotherhood. There is a plethora of awards and prizes given in the field of arts, sports and literature. However, unfortunately, a scholar of Vedas who painstakingly carries out the essential and arduous task of protecting the Vedic traditions is deprived of such social awards while, actually, he works harder throughout his life.
  • Therefore, in such an unfriendly social climate prevailing for the Vedic scholars, Maharshi Veda Vyas Pratishthan honors them with a prestigious award as a mark of gratitude towards their services. For the last 15 years noble people engaged in the divine task of teaching, propagating, protecting and studying Vedas are honored with this award. This prestigious award carries a purse of Rs. 31000, mahavastra, srifal (auspicious garment and coconut) and a citation.
  • So far, a number of Vedic scholars hailing from all corners of the country have been conferred upon with this prestigious award. Thus, every year, erudition of Vedic scholars and their precious work are honored by presenting this award to them. This award- presentation constitutes one of the key undertakings being carried out by the Pratishthan as a part of its commitment towards the work of conservation of Vedic literature.
Vidwan Sarvatra Pujyate!
(Scholars are always revered )
Name of Person
1) 18-5-1990    His Holiness Shri Datta Maharaj Kavishwar    Pune
2) In 1991    Dr. B. S. Yerkuntawar    Nagpur
3) 1-12-1992    Mahamahopadhyaya His Holiness Yadneshwar Shastri Kasture    Sawargaon
4) 30-10-1993    His Holiness late Rangnath Maharaj Selukar a committed Agnihotri    (Devotee of the deity of Fire)    Gangakhed
5) 27-10-1994

   Fifth award was presented on 27/10/1994 jointly to three Vedic scholars    viz

  • HH Panditji Shree Markandeya Brahmachari
  • Dr. Gajanan Shastri Musalgaonkar and
  • Shri Mudgaleshwar Dhundiraj Maharaj.
6) 10-10-1995    The award presentation function for the sixth year was held on    10/10/1995 when Shri Shivrajaji Tripathi (Kanshi), a renowned scholar of    Samaveda and well known erudite of Vedas, Jagannathji Vedalankar    (Pondicherry) were honored.    Kanshi,    Pondicherry
7) 29-10-1996    Vedamoorti Shree Vinayakji Sitaramji Athalye    Ratnagiri
8) 24-01-1998    Vedamoorti late Dr. Vishwanathji Waman Deo of Kanshi.    Kanshi
9) 26-10-1998    Vedamoorti (Vedas personified) Shri Shrikrishna Shastri Godse Guruji.    Nashik
10) 15-11-1999    Vedamoorti late Gopal Shastri Goray of Pandharpur  
11) In 2000    Vedamoorti Shri Sridhar Shesha Adi A reputed scholar of Atharvaveda.    Gokarna
12) 18-2-2002    Shri Narasinha Saraswati Veda Vidyalaya of Alandi a Vedic school was    chosen for this award.    Pune
13) 12/11/ 2003    Vedamoorti Gopal Bhujang Joshi (a Rigveda Ghanapathi) from Pune    received the award.  
14) 24-04-2005    Vedamoorti Chandrakant Rekhe was honored.    Alandi
15) 12-04-2007    Vedamoorti Bhalachandra Shastri Mulay was the recipient The award    was conferred on him.  
16) 25-10-2009    Gurudeo Narayananandnath Swami (Dr. Kateswamiji Maharaj)    Shreerampur
17) 14-11-2009    Dr. T. N. Dharmadhikari

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