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  Geeta Parivar

Geeta Parivar

  • Motivated by Acharyashri, Geeta Parivar was founded in Sangamner (Ahmednagar district) in 1986 which started setting up ‘Bal Sanskara Kendra’ (Cultural Centre for children) and organizing ‘Bal Sanskara Shibir’ (Workshop for imbibing Indian culture among children).
  • This work is going on for the last 20 years and now has spread to several states in India. Simultaneously, an important work of training volunteers wanting to work in the area of conditioning children according to Indian culture.

Directive Principle

  • He offered a five-point program for the volunteers to carry out in the society.
  • Bhagwad Bhakti ( Devotion to God ) : Building a personality into a cultured and morally perfect individual can take place only through the medium of devotion to the God Almighty.
  • Bhagwad Geeta : Bhagwad Geeta is essential for provoking noble thoughts in one's mind.
  • Bharatmata (The Motherland): It is the duty of every individual to love and serve one's motherland.
  • Scientific Attitude : One should always have an attitude that coordinates science/technology and religion.
  • Swami Vivekananda : Swami Vivekananda should be an ideal one should emulate in one's life.
  • On the basis of this 5- point program, Geeta Pariwar has been working for the last 15 years in various cities, towns and villages and organizing.
         1) Bal Sanskar Shibir (Workshops for children)
         2) Karyakarta Swadhyay Shibir (Workshops for volunteers)
         3) Bal Sanskar Varga (Courses for children)
The Objective

  • To encourage students to study Sanskrit and our own traditional culture.
  • To organize Sanskar Shibirs (workshops ).
  • To run Sanskar Vargas (classes and courses ) in as many places as possible.
  • To produce literature and audio / video material useful for this mission.
  • To convince children of the importance and significance of Indian culture and to make them aware of dangerous and bad effects of lifestyles emanating from western culture.
To honor persons working selflessly in this field with Swami Vivekananda Award

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