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Vedaha Sarva Hitarthaya
(Vedas are for the liberation of all)
  • The most ancient literature in this universe is related to Vedic sciences. Veda is the foundation stone of Indian culture. The arduous task of conservation of Vedic literature by learning the scriptures by heart and by following the pious lifestyle has been going on in this country since time immemorial. However, in today’s modern times, this divine science of knowledge is experiencing nonchalance and cold-shouldering from the government as well as the society. It is for certain that the tide of increasing influence of foreign culture can be stemmed only by those values and thoughts emanating from Vedas.
  • With the sole aim of encouraging study of Vedas, Swami Govind Dev Giriji (Acharya Shree Kishorji Vyas) founded Maharshi Veda Vyas Pratishthan on 21 February 1990 at Alandi (Dist. Pune) with the help of a few spiritually inclined gentlemen.

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