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  Maharshi Veda Vyas Pratishthan

Maharshi Ved Vyas Pratishthan (Founded in 1990)

  • Under the glittering banner of Maharshi Ved Vyas Pratishthan, significant work goes on zealously of encouraging young Vedic students in the Vedic schools, offering pension for old Vedic scholars, honoring extra-ordinary Vedic scholars with the coveted Maharshi Ved Vyas Award, honorarium for Agnihotris (Devotees of Fire Goddess) etc.
  • The Pratishthan provides grant to 50 Vedic schools in 14 states of India and has offered scholarship to more than 2500 Vedic students. More than 350 students get Vedic education in 12 Vedic schools affiliated to the trust.
  • So far, nine Vedic workshops have been organized by the trust in various stated of the country while 25 old Vedic scholars have been given pensions.
  • For this noble work, so far, more than Rs. 5 crore has been well-spent as a result of which a large, massive group of Vedic scholars has been created who have learnt the Vedas by heart. Many of these students are engaged in further studies while others are busy working as teachers.
  • Conservation of Vedas by the Vedic scholars is the foundation of this work. Now that this work has been well stabilized, the Pratishthan is readying for another ambitious project in the making, ‘Vedashri Tapovan’ that will be engaged in mass communication, coordination and publishing of books.

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