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  Other Activities

1) Vriddha Vaidik Nivrutti Dakshina (Pension for Old Vedic Scholars)
  • In order to help Vedic sciences take deep roots, mere social prestige is not sufficient for any Vedic scholar. A monetary support needs to be made available for him with a view to enabling him to lead a respectable life in the society.
  • Pension, if offered to an old Vedic scholar who is a pauper and leads life in poverty goes a long way in providing all-needed succor to him.
  • It is unfortunate, that a common government employee enjoys pension facility while a person who carries out hard penance of committing his entire life to the service towards Vedas remains deprived of any such facility. If a Vedic scholar, who is past his prime gets pension, his self-respect is enhanced and it also goes a long way in giving rise to respect and love for him among his family members. Therefore, the Pratishthan launched a pension scheme, Vriddha Vaidik Nivrutti Dakshina, (Pension for Old Vedic Scholars). Currently, several Vedic scholars are the beneficiaries of this novel and unique scheme.
2) Yuva Vaidik Parikshan Yojana (Support scheme for Young Vedic Scholars)
  • At times, young Vedic scholars immediately after completing their studies find it difficult to lead a stable life in terms of social prestige and financial position. Some of them, somehow, manage to make money and meet both the ends by offering their services as priest.
  • However, a few of them turn down this option because they are enlightened thinkers and scholars of Vedic sciences. Instead of working as a priest, they prefer dedicating their lives to studying and practicing Vedas.
  • Unfortunately, the society refuses to take notice of their dedication and sincerity and they have to face neglect by the society and perennial dearth of finances. The young and promising Vedic graduate, despite having scholarly attitude and aptitude of a very high order, thus, is plagued by hostile financial situation that consequently gives rise to tension in his mind.
  • Pratishthan, however, cares for them by offering monthly financial help to such young, extra-ordinary Vedic scholars immediately after their graduation for the next three to five years. This scheme helps these young Vedic scholars gain confidence and stability in their live
3) Shree Veda Swadhyaya Shibir (Workshop for Vedic Studies)
  • To encourage and provide support to the students who are engaged in the divine work of learning Vedic sciences, to remove inconveniences, if there are any, in their path as far as possible, to facilitate their Vedic studies and to develop their abilities are some of the key objectives of Maharshi Veda Vyas Pratishthan.
  • In order to accomplish their objectives, the Pratishthan regularly organizes Vedic study workshops. This is one of the most important tasks of the Pratishthan.
  • Vedic students engaged in the study of various branches of Vedas come from all corners of the country to participate in such workshops where renowned Vedic scholars of respective branches of Vedas examine academic depth and preparation of the participants of the workshop.
  • Later, extra-ordinary students are chosen by the experts for scholarships. The climate in the workshop is always found to be heartening, uplifting, inspiring and extremely charged with academic brilliance.
  • Till date, nine such workshops have been organized in various parts of the country.


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