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  Other Services

Vishwa Veda Sansthan

  • Under the leadership of HH Acharyashri, this undertaking was established last year. Under this banner a five-day ‘Vishwa Ved Sammelan’ (Universal Ved Convention) was organized in New Delhi in December ’98. Hundreds of Vedic scholars, students as well as Vedic erudite participated in the convention. Several schemes aimed at initiating service to the Vedas in a disciplined manner and on global level went underway in this convention. As a result, a special campaign for conservation of Vedas in a state like Uttar Pradesh was launched. Creation of Vedic schools and a blitz by Vedic campaigners are part of this campaign.

Santakripa Pratishthan

  • For the last 25 years, this trust, active in Pune, is engaged in various spiritual activities aimed at rendering service to the Indian culture, including publication of a monthly, ‘Santakripa’, publication of original works of several saints and making them available to readers at appropriate price, publication of biographies of over 80 ancient as well as contemporary saints. HH Acharyashri is working in this trust as its director trustee for the last 10 years and during this tenure, he ensured extensive popular support and financial support to the trust’s activities. About 25 students learning literature of saints are given scholarships while pious litterateurs are honored with ‘Saint Dnyaneshwar Award’ by the trust.

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