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  Overseas Activities

Bhoomi Pujan of Dnyaneshwar Ashram in Canada

  • In the month of July, 2004, ground - breaking ceremony for the proposed Dnyaneshwar Ashram took place at the auspicious hands of Acharya Kishorji Vyas in Brampton, Canada. The presence of Brampton's Mayor , Sussan was one of the highlights of the event.
  • In Otario,Acharyaji conducted the Bhagwat Saptaha during 4 th to 10 th July which was largely attended by the devotees staying abroad.
  • Mr.Arvindji Lal,the chief of Saint Dnyaneshwar Gurukul , Canada branch has taken initiative and lead in the work of establishing the Dnyaneshwar Ashram in Canada.
  • 'Dharmashree Sankul' has been incessantly making endeavors to propagate the importance of Indian culture, knowledge in Vedas and valuable treasure of thoughts in the literature of the saints not only in India but in foreign countries also.The work of setting up Dnyaneshwar Ashram is a part of this holy mission.

Tete-a-tete Acharya Swami Kishorji Vyas

  • An ardent devotee of Sant Dnyaneshwar, sedates, pleasant, endearing, is Acharya Swami Kishorji Vyas. A radiant countenance, a benign smile and a friendly disposition lends to his persona a magnetic pull. There is nothing intimidating or formidable about him. His affable demeanor could melt even the cruelest of hearts.
  • Honestly speaking I was a bit hesitant to meet him. For the impression that I bore in mind of men of such stature was quite the contrary. But on meeting him I realized how wrong I was. As we got talking I barely realized that how time flew by!
  • Born in 1949 into a devout family of preachers, it was but natural for Acharya Vyas to take to this path. Experiencing a strong pull to this calling Acharya Vyas went on to graduate in comparative philosophy from the Tattvajnan Vidyapeeth under the guidance of His Holiness Pandurang - Shastri Athavale of the Swadhyayan Pariwar. Not quite satisfied with the knowledge that he gained, Acharya Vyas went to Varanasi where he studied in detail the voluminous texts of ancient Indian scriptures (Vedas, Upanishads..et) - hence completing his Aeharyn degree.
  • Besotted by the wealth of knowledge contained in the ancient Indian texts, Acharya Vyas took it upon him to dissipate that knowledge to the people. By doing so he wishes to illuminate the dark recesses of our minds with the light of love, hence cleanse us of all negative thoughts and feelings. Expounding the crux of Indian thought Acharya Vyas said that it showed us the way to live life to the fullest, by achieving a balance in everything we do. Quoting a few lines from the scriptures and later explaining them he said that excess work on one hand and not working at all, gorging on food on one hand and starving on the other, sleeping too much or not sleeping at all robs you of your peace of mind, leaving you restless and stressed. Reiterating and pointing out the fact that the pearls of wisdom enshrined in cur scriptures transcend all barriers of time and that they shall always retain their relevance. Acharya Vyas said they stress on self discipline and self restraint-values which in the present times are on the decline, but need to be rekindled once again.
  • As our conversation meandered through the different phases of history and its impact on religion, I could not help but ask him a question that since quite some time had been haunting me and that was why (some) westerners hold the multilimbed idols of Indians deities in contempt. To that Acharya Vyas replied that, "God would not be God if lie Were not able to assume the multifarious fonn.s that His devotees visualise Him in. Omnipotent us lie is, He. Will take any form and bestow upon you His grace." Marveling at his sagacity, I dared to ask him another question. And that was, that as per the televised versions of Ramayana and Mahabbarata the deities are shown to have possessed extraordinary powers. Did they really possess those powers? A smiling Acharya Vyas replied 'Those are metaphors that express the power of the deity." He said at all...
  • It is not without reason that Acharyti Vyas has been awarded the Mahaswami Natsional Eminence award

Awards & Acclams

  • Acharya Kishorji vyas has pledged his entire life and self for the holy mission of Service to the Vedas. He has been engaged in this work with all his material and spiritual resources at his command and complete commitment. His exemplary work is being taken note of not only in India but also in many other countries as is witnessed by the awards and acclaims he is being showered with by various organizations.Those who honor him feel that Acharya has honored themselves by accepting their honor. These awards speak volumes of the beneficial influence his work has cast on the mindset of the society


  • Acharya Kishorji Vyas was presented this prestigious award at the hands of Shankaracharya of Kanchi Kamkoti Peetham which carries a purse of Rs.1.5 lakh , silver memento , citation and mahavastra. Acharyaji immediately offered the purse to the Free Meal Scheme being carried out in Alandi for the Varkari students.


  • This award was given to Acharya Kishorji Vyas by Akhil Bharatiya Dadhich Brahmin Mahasabha. The award ceremony took place in Godmanglod ( Dist. Nagour) in Rajasthan.


  • The Brahmin Sabha of Bhingar ( Dist.Ahmadnagar) honoured Acharyaji with this coveted award on the sacred occasion of Rishipanchami in the Saint Dnyneshwar temple.


  • Deshastha Rigvedi Brahmin Shikshnottejak Sanstha of Pune honored Acharyaji with this award.

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