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  Sant Shri Dnyaneshwar Gurukul

Santa Shri Dnyaneshwar Gurukul (Founded in 2000)

  • This is the latest manifestation of HH Acharyashri’s extra-ordinary and matured intelligence.
  • This Gurukul is another trust, which is committed to meeting the spiritual requirements of the ever-growing family of disciples, which is spreading in all parts of the world.
  • Work of this trust has already commenced which involves personal correspondence, producing and distributing guidance material, organizing spiritual workshops etc.
  • Since HH Acharyashri considers himself and all his disciples to be the disciples of Saint Dnyaneshwar, the trust is named after the great poet and Saint in Maharashtra of 12th century.
  • Food is provided to about 60 students of Varkari sect in the Gurukul set up in Alandi where Saint Dnyaneshwar lived and which has now become a nerve centre of all the spiritual activities of HH Acharyashri. By setting up its branch in Canada, Santa Shri Dnyaneshwar Gurukul’s work is being expanded all over the universe.

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