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  What you can do?

Your Participation

  • The work being carried out by Maharshi Veda Vyas Pratishthan is the work of all those who are spiritually inclined devotees. Its progress is possible only with your moral, hearty and financial support. Though service to the religion is the most important work in life, it often turns out to be the most neglected work. However, you can participate in this mission in various ways.
  • Maharshi Veda Vyas Pratishthan is a trust registered with the Charity Commissioner. Its registered number is E 1438 (Pune). Donations to the trust are exempted under Income Tax Act section 80G. Maharshi Veda Vyas Pratishthan is also allowed by the Government of India to accept donations in foreign currency (Registered No: 083720080) as per the Donation Control Act.
  • It is your duty, our duty and the duty of all to build a new generation of our country. Supporting Maharshi Veda Vyas Pratishthan and participating in its various activities is one of the easiest ways to carry out one’s duties. You are also welcome to point out our shortcomings, make suggestions, offer guidance and participate in our mission

You Can
  • Make sincere endeavors to study the eternal science of life by attending workshops regularly.
  • Attend Sadhak Sammelans regularly and communicate with other disciples.
  • Run weekly Satsang Centres and organize collective sessions of religious practices.
  • Propagate canvass for the material and books published by Dharmashree Prakashan by personally purchasing these books and other audio and video material for personal use as well as for offering them in the form of gifts to the dear and near ones.
  • Participate in Free Meal Scheme, Dnyaneshwar Kanya Vatsalya Dham, started for Varkari students by making contributions :
One day meal ( Bhiksha) Rs.1,100
One week's meal Rs.5,100
One month's meal Rs.20,000
  • And last but not the least, one can come to alandi as the time permits and pay obeisance ( darshan ) to Saint Dnyaneshwar

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