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  • Understanding and assimilating even a few injunctions laid down by our ancient sages (Rishis and Munis) could release us from the self-imposed bondage that keeps us from realizing the full extent of our personality. It is this knowledge that Swamiji wants to instil in His followers, to encourage them to grow to their full stature as spiritual beings, which in turn brings the zenith of worldly accomplishments within their reach.
  • Reiterating that the pearls of wisdom enshrined in our scriptures transcend the barriers of time and space, Swamiji emphasizes the importance of self-discipline and self-restraint in modern lifestyle – values which in the present times are on the decline, and need to be rekindled. Towards this end, Swamiji exhorts His followers to live a balanced life and to practice Swadhyay – to read our epics like Ramayana, Bhagwad Gita, Mahabharat, Upanishads, etc., regularly, in order to keep our minds riveted to positive thoughts and proximity to divinity.
  • Inspired by the life of Swami Vivekananda, Swamiji’s mission is to revive interest in the scientific thoughts and practices of our forefathers, by making it easy, appealing and relevant to our present times. Swamiji considers His duty, Karmayog, to influence as many people as possible, to turn to a spiritual way of life.
  • This mission keeps Swamiji constantly on the move, in India and abroad, giving discourses, answering people’s queries, getting them to see the world differently, more positively, believe in the goodness of humanity, understanding the laws of Nature and adapting one’s life style accordingly.
  • Swamiji has helped establish various organizations namely, Maharshi Vedavyas Pratishthan, Sant Shri Dnyaneshwar Gurukul, Shri Krishna Seva Nidhi, Geeta Parivar, etc., and through these organizations and various discourses, Swamiji endeavours to reach out to a wide section of Indians with the clarion call to return to our roots, as elucidated in our Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas, in order to fulfill the purpose of human birth.
  • Devotion to God and love of humanity has blessed Swamiji with inexhaustible fountain of energy, relentlessly working for the all-round development of society, be it education and imparting of Indian values (Bharatiya Sanskars) to children in the various Vedic Schools (Ved Pathshalas) that Swamiji has established from Manipur in northeast India to Gujarat in the West, Kashmir in the North to Karnataka in the South.
  • Under Swamiji’s guidance a vast network of volunteers – the Geeta Parivar – have been teaching Bhagawad Gita in our schools very successfully. Hundreds of our shcool children can now not only recite all 700 verses of Srimad Bhagawad Gita by rote, but also understand the overall message of the holy text! This is the best gift one can give our children in their formative age!
  • Gita Pariwar also hosts a Spiritual retreat annually in Rishikesh for families interested in learning Geeta and its meaning and message.
  • Donations and endowments received during various programmes undertaken by Swamiji are spent for the benefit of the society, on projects, institutions and organizations founded by him.